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Chicago 2017


Hawken School, Moments after Victory


(l to r): George Wang, Moshi Tang, Coach Pat Jewell, Pranay Gupta, Spencer Fisher, and Jackson Eippert

Nineteen elementary teams entering the first annual elementary tournament. Of the ten qualifying for the playoffs, four were from Kentucky and three from Ohio. Both finalists had no decisive playoff wins on their road to the championship match. Hawken (OH) edged Monrovia in the quarterfinals, 405-370. Their margin of victory in the semifinals over Brandeis (KY) was even smaller, 305-280. Meanwhile, St. Mary (OH) slipped past Ann Mason (KY) in the quarterfinals, 345-330 before upsetting No. 1 seed Winburn (KY), 245-225, setting the stage for an all-Ohio championship game.

Hawken vs. St. Mary

Hawken led 60-20 after the first period, 110-75 at halftime. The score was a reasonably close 190-145 at then end of the third quarter, but Hawken answered correctly on the first two “Stump the Experts” questions:

1. VISUAL … He’s in the lower right corner, in the water, which put out his flaming wings. Who is this Greek son of Daedalus?
Ans. Icarus 1041
2. This set of numbers is closed under addition, subtraction, and multiplication, but not division. What is this category of numbers that includes the natural numbers and their negatives?
Ans. Integers
Hawken increased its lead on Literature:
6. Some of the literati consider Alexander Pushkin to be this country’s greatest poet. Other authors of what country include Maxim Gorky and Mikhail Sholokhov?
Ans. Russia
then on Math, Science, and Grammar:
12. If the circumference of a circle is 10pi, what is the area of the circle in terms of pi?
Ans. 25pi
13. Most scientists believe that most of the oxygen in the atmosphere today came from what process, by which plants convert light into energy?
Ans. Photosynthesis
14. What's the object of the preposition in the following sentence: “Making a last-ditch attempt, the forward speedily dribbled the ball down the court.”
Ans. Court

The final score was Hawken 310, St. Mary 185.


Hawken’s Jackson Eippert and Spencer Fisher shared the Most Valuable Player award.

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Spencer Fisher Jackson Eippert