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Answers to the March Twenty Questions quiz:

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1. An intense and controversial restoration of the last great work by Leonard da Vinci recently went before the public, revealing what painting by the Renaissance master 500 years ago?
Answer - "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne"
2. Who was the most notorious criminal ever incarcerated at Alcatraz?
Answer - Al Capone
3. What movie star claimed measurements of 40-21-35 and an IQ of 163?
Answer - Jayne Mansfield
4. Give me the Spanish name of one of Earth’s greatest survivors.
Answer - Cucuracha
5. 20 In 18th century England, portrait painting rapidly became a national institution. This man alone painted over 2,000 of them. His masterpiece is Dr. Johnson, one of the most distinguished studies in British art. Name the painter.
Answer - Sir Joshua Reynolds
6. I want you to identify the country where you would find this structure.
Answer - Mexico
7. structure was erected for the 1962 world’s fair. What is it called?
Answer - Seattle Space Needle
8. Who is often referred to as the founder of modern mechanics and experimental physics?
Answer - Galileo Galilei
9. What event is commemorated in this portrait of Elizabeth I of England?
Answer - Defeat of the Spanish Armada
10. Who referred to art as an “unrivaled opportunity given to man to continue what has begun”?
Answer - Leonardo da Vinci
11. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of photography, Time magazine asked its readers to vote for the greatest photograph of all time. Two photos, both taken in 1945, tied for the lead. The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima was one. This was the other. What event does this picture capture?
Answer - VJ-Day (Sailor kisses nurse in Times Square)
12. It contains some of the world’s most oddly shaped and beautifully colored rocks. The park includes valleys as deep as 1,000 feet and covers part of the Grand Canyon Region of the Colorado Plateau. Name this national park in southern Utah.
Answer - Bryce Canyon
13. In 1872, who ran with Victoria Woodhull under the banner of the Equal Rights Party for the office of Vice President?
Answer - Frederick Douglass
14. Although this animal resembles a pig, it’s related to the horse and rhinoceros. What’s it called?
Answer - Tapir
15. This 18th century Venetian painted his beloved city of Venice before Napoleon arrived. Name the artist.
Answer - Canaletto
16. This photographer and his assistants traveled with the Union armies, taking more than 3,500 pictures of Civil War battles and camp scenes. Name him.
Answer - . Mathew Brady
17. Take a look at this medieval Moorish palace and identify it.
Answer - The Alhambra
18. Identify this facility that sits on a mountain top in Arizona.
Answer - Kitt Peak Observatory
19. Take a look at this old stamp and identify this philosopher and mathematician who invented analytical geometry.
Answer - Rene Descartes
20. The titles of his paintings seldom make a great deal of sense – this one’s The Old Age of William Tell. Identify this modern master.
Answer - Salvador Dali 719

Twenty Questions High School Scores

March 2011 Top Scores

Camden County High SchoolKingsland, GA19
H-B Woodlawn Secondary ProgramArlington VA 18
Madison CentralMadison, MS19
Wayne Valley High SchoolWayne, NJ19
St. Matthew the Apostle SchoolRiver Ridge, LA 18
Cole Camp R-1Cole Camp MO 17
Marine Academy of Science and TechnologyHighlands NJ 17
Timberlake High SchoolHelena, OK 20

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