Middle School/Junior High contests are shaded in yellow.  Reading the schedule: Opponents are in the same column, not the same row. In the first match, for instance, Trinity A plays Danville Bate, not Hawken A.

Chicago Preliminary Rounds

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SAT. 6/9 Grant Park Eden’s Tri-State Stevenson
8:30 Trinity A 240Hawken A220Hawken B225Fairlawn B230
Danville Bate265 Grove 360 Hopkins West260 Robert Cross215
9:00Ysleta230St. Edward Varsity280Saratoga Springs270 St. Edward JV235
Alexander195Manchester205Maize170 Father Duenas215
9:30LAMP340Plano345 Lamar250 Copley C225
Deer Creek185James Island170Madison Central235 Kremlin-Hillsdale180
10:00 St. Edward Varsity325Ysleta160 Manchester225 Warner 130
Saratoga Springs160Kremlin-Hillsdale225Copley A240 Berrien Springs180
10:30 St. Mary 60Danville Bate200 St. Ignatius250Robert Cross95
Flushing395Hawken B220Butterfield175Hawken A535
11:00Father Duenas210Saratoga Springs320Copley A285Deer Creek270
LAMP235Bishop Garrigan Varsity70Maize255 St. Edward Varsity340
11:30James Island140Carson City/Crystal 205St. Edward Varsity280 Ysleta145
Copley C175LaGrange JV215Palisade 195Detroit Jesuit325
1:00Palisade220Bishop Garrigan Varsity125Lamar280Madison Central280
Warner105Copley B270Kremlin-Hillsdale180James Island195
1:30Grove365Fairlawn A170Hopkins West315Hawken C170
Butterfield210St. Ignatius280Flushing275 Trinity B205
2:00Plano280Alexander110Sand Rock145LaGrange JV150
Lamar145Detroit Jesuit270Copley B175Father Duenas165
2:30Madison Central260Newman Catholic125Daviess County325Plano270
Kremlin-Hillsdale125Copley A285Warner145Berrien Springs150
3:00Maize210White Cloud JV225St. Edward JV225Lamar290
LAMP295Bishop Garrigan JV215Carson City/Crystal190Copley C180
3:30Trinity B165Trinity A350Hawken A405Robert Cross265
Holy Name395St. Mary125Butterfield85St. Ignatius205
4:00Berrien Springs130Copley C135LAMP 185Detroit Jesuit260
Lamar245Madison Central225St. Edward Varsity 365Palisade195
4:30White Cloud JV120Sand Rock130Copley A270Carson City/Crystal225
St. Edward JV 235Daviess County285LAMP120 Bishop Garrigan JV185
5:00Hopkins West300Flushing375Grove280 Hawken C 145
Trinity A230Hawken B165Fairlawn B245CVCA245
5:30Alexander220Sand Rock95Newman Catholic175Berrien Springs110
Palisade260Madison Central285 LaGrange JV120Copley B280
7:00Fairlawn A215Holy Name380Hawken B 270Trinity A175
Blue Ridge245 Hawken C70St. Mary125Robert Cross180
7:30 Alexander80Detroit Jesuit330
Kremlin-Hillsdale220 Father Duenas195

8:00 in Grant Park – “Who Wants to Be a Game Show Host” – all are welcome, but only graduating seniors may audition for a job moderating at next year’s Nationals.  Coaches may sign up to play the game while the students read the questions.  Sign-up sheets for both are in Grant Park.

SUN. 6/10Grant Park Eden’sTri-StateStevenson
8:30Campbell County335Butterfield 230Robert Cross150St. Ignatius245
Hawken A205Fairlawn B200Grove400CVCA225
9:00Maize200LaGrange JV215Manchester265Deer Creek370
St. Edward Varsity395 White Cloud JV145Alexander200Ysleta125
9:30Sand Rock175Madison Central225 Ysleta135 Manchester180
Palisade190Plano270Daviess County220 Saratoga Springs200
10:00Blue Ridge215Danville Bate265Hawken A265St. Mary185
Holy Name245Hopkins West270Fairlawn B165Butterfield280
10:30Jackson Christian215Father Duenas260Warner140St. Edward JV185
Detroit Jesuit340White Cloud JV210Ysleta230Bishop Garrigan JV105
11:00Hawken B195St. Ignatius145CVCA305Fairlawn A330
Campbell County245Danville Bate190Blue Ridge165Hawken C70
11:30 LaGrange JV225Bishop Garrigan JV120White Cloud JV165Jackson Christian245
St. Edward JV150Father Duenas275Newman Catholic270Daviess County365
1:00Fairlawn A240Danville Bate315Hawken A245CVCA230
Trinity B170Flushing230Holy Name285Grove335
1:30White Cloud JV160Berrien Springs90Jackson Christian385Bishop Garrigan Varsity 145
Carson City/Crystal170Copley C410Newman Catholic155Warner210
2:00 Kremlin-Hillsdale205Copley B185Carson City/Crystal170Fairlawn B220
James Island80Detroit Jesuit275Palisade250St. Ignatius205
2:30Hawken C90Flushing265 Campbell County360Danville Bate325
Fairlawn B230 Trinity A 205CVCA205 Trinity B80
3:00 LAMP310Copley B260Plano325Bishop Garrigan JV145
Bishop Garrigan Varsity130James Island200 Carson City/Crystal150 LaGrange JV265
3:30Deer Creek230Sand Rock110Saratoga Springs230Maize275
Jackson Christian350Bishop Garrigan Varsity145Copley A325Manchester195
4:00Bishop Garrigan JV135Deer Creek165Jackson Christian280Copley B215
Newman Catholic245Saratoga Springs275Berrien Springs170Warner235
4:30Grove250Fairlawn A205Hawken C130Trinity B220
Campbell County315Holy Name335 Blue Ridge440CVCA355
5:00Deer Creek255Daviess County325Lamar250James Island170
Copley A250Alexander145Maize195Manchester 200
5:30 Sand Rock205St. Edward JV235Plano285Bishop Garrigan Varsity105
Jackson Christian245Newman Catholic245Copley C270Daviess County370
7:00Hopkins West310Blue Ridge90Hawken B230Campbell County345
Fairlawn A170Flushing440Trinity A260 St. Mary175
7:30Butterfield 0Campbell County270Trinity B90Holy Name345
Robert Cross181Hopkins West240Blue Ridge325St. Mary115

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