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St. Mark’s School of Texas
Does It Again

Echoing last year’s scenario, St. Mark’s A, trailing at halftime, rallied in the "Stump the Experts" round to overcome Plano A for the North Texas Academic Challenge title.
Plano A had defeated St. Mark’s B in the first Semifinal match, 200-155, then St. Mark’s A beat Shepton by a score of 325-185.
In the title match, Plano A mounted a 95-point lead over St. Mark’s A largely due to superior showing in the bonus round. St. Mark’s shaved that lead to 20 after they beat Plano 50-40 on Plano’s 60 Seconds category, Literature. In the fourth period, St. Mark’s put in a bravura performance, getting 8 out of the 10 questions right, to notch a 280-200 victory.


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