One of the very finest academic team coaches in America is no longer with us. After a long illness, Anne Clouser, longtime coach of the Manheim Township team, passed away on July 2, only two weeks after her team claimed the National Academic Championship title in her honor.

Diagnosed with cancer about three years ago, her health took a turn for the worse in the Spring. She subsequently retired from teaching and coaching. She had been coaching quiz bowl teams in the Manheim Township district for fourteen years, and had been teaching English in the district for twenty-six years.

Said National Academic Association Director Chip Beall: "Anne Clouser was second-to-none in good sportsmanship: ebullient in victory, gracious in defeat. Her teams were always truly delightful as well as extremely competitive. Anne was a friend who will be sorely missed."

The regional accomplishments of Miss Clouser’s teams are too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say that, in one of the three or four most competitive quiz-bowl regions in the country -- southeastern Pennsylvania -- Manheim Township stood head-and-shoulders above the rest throughout the 1990s. As for national achievements in addition to this year’s title victory, Clouser’s team finished second at Nationals in 1994; won the QUEST computer tournament championship in Spring, 1995; and finished No. 1 at the Knowledge Master Open, Spring 1998.

Manheim Township team captain Ryan Sheely had this to say about Anne Clouser: "Miss C was a great person, teacher, and coach. She was consistently able to create great teams, year after year, no matter how many Seniors she had lost the previous year. Her dedication to the activity was absolutely unmatched; she put in countless hours to ensure that her teams would be unbeatable. I am glad that we were able to win Nationals this year, as a final testament to her coaching ability. I know that this achievement meant so much to her and helped to brighten her last weeks when the illness was really setting in. I honestly can't think of a better gift that we, as a team, could have given her."