Middle School/Junior High contests are shaded in yellow. Opponents are in the same column, not the same row. In the first match, for instance, Drew Central plays Anchorage, not Altamont.

New Orleans Preliminary Rounds

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SAT 5/26AudubonOctaviaClaiborneGallery A
8:20Drew Central165Altamont235Phillips210Conway Christian B160
Anchorage210 Hughes Academy 230 Conway Christian A 295 Glen Rose 265
8:50 Harrison JV B 120 Life Way JV65 Conway Christian JV80Cedar Ridge JV100
Jesuit JV A215 Jesuit JV B 260 Clements JV B285 White Plains JV290
9:20Paschal305 Vandebilt Cath265 Dardanelle200 Harrison Varsity355
Belton205 Jenks230 Wingfield60 Queensbury255
9:50White Plains B175 Harrison Varsity480 Bishop Kelley165 Ben Franklin240
Ft. Recovery Varsity130 Briarcliff80 Trinity Prep360 St. Croix CDS190
10:20Anchorage165Drew Central85Conway Christian A300Phillips235
Glen Rose125Altamont385Pulaski Heights345Conway Christian B80
10:50 Jenks285 Queensbury295 Harrison Varsity395 Dardanelle80
Presbyterian 280 Briarcliff210 Belton200 Paschal500
11:20Jesuit JV A225 Clements JV B235 Jesuit JV B 225 Conway Christian JV 185
White Plains JV235 Harrison JV B145Altamont JV A 210Cedar Ridge JV180
12:40Hannibal250Sacred Heart110St. Croix CDS155Bayside210
St. Martin's205White Plains A460Bishop Kelley310Odessa260
1:10Phillips215Jesuit280Anchorage325Conway Christian B65
Glen Rose135Hazen355Pulaski Heights115Hughes Academy310
1:40Bayside215Harrison Varsity435Sacred Heart80Vandebilt Catholic250
Life Way Varsity135Dardanelle120Belton205Queensbury190
2:10Briarcliff245Vandebilt Catholic230Gadsden Varsity190Paschal260
Wingfield60Bayside180St. Martin's290Queensbury200
2:40Clements JV A245Life Way JV165Conway Christian JV170Chelsea JV205
North Little Rock JV150Alvin JV235Jesuit JV A340Jesuit JV B285
3:10Conway Christian A260Hughes Academy235Jesuit405Hazen310
Glen Rose155Anchorage225Pulaski Heights155Altamont255
3:40Sacred Heart145Wingfield80Bayside160White Plains B190
St. Martin's155Paschal385Briarcliff330Ben Franklin255
4:10Alvin JV150Fort Recovery JV40 Heber Springs JV170Altamont JV B260
Jesuit JV B175Harrison JV A315North Little Rock JV130Jesuit JV A205
4:40Jesuit JV A250Jesuit JV B 300Harrison JV B175North Little Rock JV210
Cedar Ridge JV90Clements JV A225White Plains JV300Altamont JV B205
5:10 Altamont JV B290Chelsea JV175Clements JV B285Trinity Prep325
Heber Springs JV105Gadsden JV105Cedar Ridge JV135Ft. Recovery Varsity140
6:30North Little Rock JV125Clements JV B185Gadsden JV 185White Plains JV260
Harrison JV A170Jesuit JV A 415Jesuit JV B225Life Way JV105
7:00 Hannibal 210St. Martin's280St. Croix CDS 210Belton225
Sacred Heart 165Presbyterian 210Ft. Recovery Varsity195Gadsden Varsity315
7:30 Ben Franklin235Clinton270Gadsden Varsity205Dardanelle80
Bishop Kelley185White Plains B180North Babylon250Queensbury210
8:00Odessa115Bishop Kelley195White Plains B180Ben Franklin225 x
North Babylon180Ft. Recovery Varsity150St. Croix CDS175Clinton170x

8:30 in Audubon – “Who Wants to Be a Game Show Host” –all are welcome, but only graduating seniors may audition for a job moderating at next year’s Nationals.  Coaches may sign up to play the game while the students read the questions.  Sign-up sheets for both are in Audubon

SUN. 5/27Audubon OctaviaClaiborneGallery A
Drew Central60Glen Rose150Anchorage225Pulaski Heights180
8:50Belton205Heber Springs JV320Altamont JV A395North Babylon265
Dardanelle0Gadsden JV 110Alvin JV130Bayside155
9:20Life Way JV90Fort Recovery JV90Clements JV A280Harrison JV A220
Altamont JV A420Heber Springs JV160Altamont JV B200Conway Christian JV175
9:50Alvin JV120Life Way JV125Altamont JV B340Cedar Ridge JV65
Gadsden JV285Clements JV B295Fort Recovery JV70Chelsea JV390
10:20Altamont375Jesuit 235Anchorage200Drew Central135
Conway Christian B70Glen Rose135Conway Christian A330Hazen280
10:50Clinton255Life Way Varsity 115Briarcliff180Jesuit Varsity330
Trinity Prep405Harrison Varsity425Paschal460Bayside110
11:20Presbyterian295St. Martin's145Jesuit Varsity280Chelsea JV225
Vandebilt Catholic210White Plains A325Life Way Varsity205Altamont JV A265
12:40Harrison JV A265North Little Rock JV230Altamont JV A395Chelsea JV305
Clements JV A 205Fort Recovery JV70Gadsden JV145 Alvin JV 195
1:10 Pulaski Heights 305Hazen380Jesuit300Drew Central150
Hughes Academy220Conway Christian B60Conway Christian A285Phillips165
1:40North Little Rock JV205Harrison JV B180Fort Recovery JV65Gadsden JV155
Chelsea JV165Altamont JV A 250Alvin JV175Life Way JV130
2:10Wingfield 0Hannibal205North Babylon215White Plains A435
Queensbury230Jenks250Jesuit Varsity345Presbyterian195
2:40Harrison JV B175White Plains JV215Heber Springs JV150Altamont JV B320
Conway Christian JV155Clements JV B220Clements JV A290Harrison JV A175
3:10Hazen175Drew Central165Altamont250Jesuit 380
Hughes Academy280Pulaski Heights280Conway Christian A285Conway Christian B120
3:40Fort Recovery JV110Harrison JV A205White Plains JV220Cedar Ridge JV115
Clements JV A 280Heber Springs JV 210Conway Christian JV 185Harrison JV B255
4:10Paschal235Jesuit Varsity350Wingfield0Hughes Academy220
Harrison Varsity440Belton 135Odessa170Phillips160
4:40White Plains A 270Presbyterian165Sacred Heart 195Briarcliff209
Vandebilt Catholic220North Babylon275Jenks170Dardanelle0
5:10 Jesuit Varsity435Hannibal245Trinity Prep 330Clinton 190
Gadsden Varsity 195Odessa 135 Vandebilt Catholic210Bishop Kelley280
6:30Jenks140Life Way270Trinity Prep265Jesuit Varsity350
White Plains A 400Sacred Heart 75Ben Franklin250Odessa 150
7:00 Ft. Recovery Varsity290Bishop Kelley205Life Way Varsity145St. Croix CDS135
North Babylon295White Plains B270Gadsden Varsity370Trinity Prep365
7:30Life Way Varsity160Presbyterian0Clinton330White Plains A357
White Plains B200Hannibal228St. Croix CDS170Wingfield0
8:00St. Martin's200Ft. Recovery Varsity120Ben Franklin330Gadsden Varsity320x

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